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Goals and scope of activities of the Kenyan-Polish Forum

Kenyan-Polish Forum is a non governmental institution (NGO)

Who we are:

Over 400 Kenyans graduated on Polish Universities. Some of them decided to go back to Kenya, some choose to stay in Poland and start their carriers here. At present they hold significant positions in many international institutions, banks, universities, hospitals etc. Although some of them lived in Kenya, and some in Poland, there is one thing that ties them - common memories from Poland and polish language, culture and tradition.

The association was established by Kenyan graduates and students of Polish Universities as well as Poles who are Kenya-lovers. The members are interested in developing and promoting contacts, trade as well as social and economic issues and mutual understanding between Poland and Kenya. Among KPF's members there are Kenyans, their families, Poles and people of other nationalities.

Our goals:

  • Developing friendship between Kenyan and Polish nation.
  • Kenya promotion in Poland (in terms of culture, tourism and commerce)
  • Poland promotion in Kenya (in terms of culture, tourism and commerce)
  • Help members in sudden accidents
  • Tradition and ancestry awareness cultivation
  • Organizing English and Swahili lessons in Poland and popularisation polish language
  • Sustaining ties between KPF members
  • Supporting social activities in Kenya and Poland.
  • Help in exchanging information, knowledge and experiences between Kenyans and Poles in Poland and abroad.
  • Supporting charitable activities in Poland and Kenya.

Kenyan-Polish Forum realize its goals by:

  • Gathering funds and material resources in order to support KPF's activities.
  • Inspiration, support and conducting a comprehensive cooperation between Kenyans who live in Poland, in Kenya and aboard.
  • Cooperation with communities representing different social groups as well as with individuals who's goals are similar with the KPF's ones.
  • Initiation and organizing charitable actions with objective to support KPF's activities.
  • Organizing humanitarian help for Kenyans living in Poland, in Kenya and abroad
  • Managing Business Information Centre (facilitating bilateral contact for Kenyan and Polish companies)